A multidisciplinary designer based in Izmir, Türkiye; focusing on product design, visuals & identities. Currently, I collaborate with brands and teams to discover their potentials for the future of the Internet.

I'm interested in

communication design, brand design, naming, concept development, typography, letter designing, user interface design, design systems, illustration, motion, 2D animation, editing, 3D modelling, 3D animation, sound design, basic front-end.

I'm using

figma, blender, all creative cloud products (including substance 3d suite of apps), github, glyphs, processing.js, resolume arena, ffmpeg, arc, visual studio code.

I want to achieve

using artificial intelligence on my process, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet,

silkscreen printing, making designs ready for embroidery machine.

  • Bakers (2023)

    As of August 2023, Hipo has officially ceased all operations as a tech consulting company and the team transitioned into a more design-oriented studio, Bakers. I'm designer here.

  • Hipo (2020—2023)

    Here I met crypto. It was an agency when I joined, but I witnessed it evolve into a product company. I had the opportunity to develop myself in every field I wanted, they were very supportive. Also very good friends.

  • Fol (2020)

    They mostly do brand work. I worked as UI designer but it seems our vibes didn't completely align.

  • 90Pixel (2018—2019)

    I needed money, worked with many different types of clients. Especially the works of state institutions have matured me. (I designed a national space agency website there.)

  • Atölye15 (2014—2016)

    Atölye15 is where I learn how to be a designer and it was my first working experience. Designed lots of products, dashboards and landing pages, mostly client work. Great buddies!