UsabilityHubAn user research platform for running user tests and design surveys

UsabilityHub is a platform where you have the ability to set up a variety of predetermined tests and surveys for a group of users. There are lots of tests the software offers such as click test, five second test, question test etc.


Sketching, Illustration Design


Freelance Illustrator


Apr 2018 - May 2018

We collaborated on the illustrations planned for the new site of UsabilityHub. I prepared an illustration set for them that describes the platform, identifies the target audience, and visualizes the features of the tests.

Before starting the project, we had to choose a style that fits UsabilityHub's new identity. So I offered them three different options. We have decided that option number three is both more suitable for the new identity and can be created faster.

Illustration styles offered

After choosing the style, I started to prepare drafts for the illustrations needed. On the homepage, I drew four drafts for hero-section and user types. After taking the opinions of the team about these drafts and being sure that I can start to draw, I determined the color palette and the brushes I will use. I was working on the general base in Illustrator and passing over them with a brush for things like details and shading in Photoshop.

Hero section

Project management

The illustrations prepared for the homepage were very intimidating for both the team and me. Then, we started working for the "Panel" page. Here, when the user visited the page, we had to make visitors feel that there are lots of panelists with different identities and ages in the UsabilityHub platform. That's why I worked on many different avatars for this page.

At the same time, we thought it would be productive to use illustrations while describing the features of the panel and I drew various illustrations for each feature.

Usabilityhub Panel

Finally, it was a project that I enjoyed and experienced the firsts. But it had been quite challenging on my part. The year I took this project, I was studying for the admission test to universities, and there was only one month left. Besides, I had the opportunity to work with a team abroad for the first time. Although my senior year of high school, the time difference and the intensive study may have worn me out, I am proud of the final work. It's a project I would never consider taking out of my portfolio, no matter how much time has passed. It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to work with UsabilityHub team.

Thanks to: Ekrem Elmas, Matt Milosavljevic & Tristan Gamilis

© Ertekin Erdin

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