KutuphanesiCorporate library management system

Kütüphanesi is an application that TOFAŞ Akademi use for corporate library management. Although the project was originally planned only for TOFAŞ Akademi, it later evolved into a SaaS model. In the product, which is still under development, library administrators can easily add their own library and invite their readers to the system.


Wireframing, User Interface Design, Prototyping, Branding


UI & UX Designer at 90Pixel


Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

The application does not have much different features than the common library management systems that come to mind. We just wanted it to be easier to use than other apps available on the market. We split the development of the project into sprints. We first started to work on web application sprint of the project which is planned to take place on different platforms such as mobile, desktop and web. We went through the existing user flow map with the client and created solutions that would make the process even easier and started the wireframing process.


When the wireframing process ended, we could actually see the closest version of the project to the finished version. After going through wireframes with the customer, we agreed that there was no obstacle to start the design process. I started design process after the meeting.


User Interface Design

While designing, I took care to create a style that was generally simple, that would emphasize the content. I especially paid attention to that there are no more dominant elements in the content pages like listing and detail for reader-type users.

Listing & detail pages

There are two different types of users in the libraries: Reader and Library Administrator. Since the librarian manages all the operations through this application, while designing dashboard pages I spent a lot of time. Naturally, this enabled me to work with tables constantly during the design process. Although the general table structure is the same, I have designed many different table columns.


Dashboard tables

It didn't seem reasonable to expect the librarians who started using the app to enter all the books one by one. We had to find a solution to that. There was one thing we were sure every library had: an Excel file. If the library had an archive containing all the books and ISBN code of the books, it would only take minutes to transfer all the books to the system.

This was true not only for books already in the library, but also for new books to be added. Entering the ISBN code ensures that all other information is filled in automatically by the system while adding new books. In the mobile application, which we will develop in the next sprint, it will be enough for the library administrator to point the phone to the barcode of the book while adding a new book to the system.

Adding new publication

Apart from that, there is a login & signup flow for the library staff and reader. In this flow, users can log in and register to the system, send requests to join an existing library in the system, log in directly to a library which they are invited to, or create their own libraries.

Login & signup process


I tried to support the project not only as an interface design but also in the brand identity design. In fact, the word "kütüphane" may sound a little strange. Actually, the word “kütüphane” in Turkish means library. From Ottoman Turkish (kütüphâne), from older Persia (kotobxâne), compound of Arabic (kutub, “books”) and Persian (xâne, “house”). And the suffix -si has possession meaning. In other words, we can say that Istanbul Kütüphanesi at "istanbul.kutuphanesi.net" means Library of Istanbul.


Since many important points such as the planning part were taken care of by the client, I completed the design process in a short period like three weeks. I can say that the design process of this project, which allows me to be involved with many book covers, was quite enjoyable. I had a chance to design many different dashboard pages that offer many different tools to the user. I am excited to move on to the next sprint, plan and design the Kütüphanesi mobile app.

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