Intenseye prevents workplace incidents with AI-powered video analytics. Manufacturing facilities connect their existing cameras without any hardware requirements within minutes to get real-time violation notifications. Together we worked on their new identity and launch processes.


Branding, Wireframing, User Interface Design, Illustration, Animation, Motion Design


UI & UX Designer at StudioWTF


Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

The Intenseye team wanted to be released with a completely new face and change their identity in a way that better describes the product. The old identity could not keep up with the development of the project. At this stage, I helped Intenseye for 8 weeks with their new branding, new website, Product Hunt launch, and Demo Day presentations. When we first contacted, I thought we could handle all these works even though there was a short time to the launch phase and we took this path together. Even we work with very short deadlines, I can say that we have completely renewed Intenseye in 8 weeks. I have provide solutions in many different disciplines like a Swiss army knife and we have overcome the whole process together.


Producthunt Icon Animation
A logo animation made for ProductHunt

We first started by renewing the logo. Although I created many options according to the brief sent by Intenseye team, I still could not reach a logo design that explained the product and I did not have much time to think about it. I sent the logos and started waiting for the meeting. We did not want the process to be too long, because we had a website and illustrations to do. Even though I sent the logos that I prepared, I continued to try different logo designs until the meeting started. A draft I prepared about 15 minutes before the meeting was really satisfied for me. It not only feels like an AI-based high tech product, but also emphasized occupational safety, the area they addressed. With a quick presentation, I included this logo to the meeting for us to talk about, the team really liked this logo and we decided to go through this logo together.

The new logo is open to different applications, very simple, flexible and telling the product well and also it has a story. While working on branding in detail, this flexibility often made my job easier.


User Interface Design

After we decided on the logo and I made it ready to use, I started working for Intenseye's new landing page and website. We thought it would be beneficial to use illustrations on the landing page to tell the user how the product works. However, the illustrations become insufficient on some points. In fact, showing the product live could solve everything so users could see how the product works. Therefore, we agreed that it would be more beneficial to giving the product directly instead of using illustration. Meanwhile, I was trying many different layouts for the homepage. I started the design process when our problem about hero section was solved. Time was limited, we had been working with short deadlines and all work on the creative side was out of my hand.

Landing page

When it comes to showing up video of the product on landing page, the product seemed too advanced for a normal visitor to understand, no matter how cool it was as a huge AI project. I can say that the boxes on the security camera footage didn’t make any sense to me and was ugly no offense. That's why we decided to solve this with a little use of “Motion Tracker” tool on After Effects and a few stock videos that everyone can both agree to look cooler than the security camera footage.

As we already had a limited time, illustration works were intimidating. With this solution, I thought that the workload at that stage could also be reduced. However, on the contrary, it took me a long time to create these videos. Especially those hands… It was very tiring process. However, they were well suited to the homepage and they explained the product very well. So no problem…

After handling this, I started illustration works and created an illustration style for Intenseye. Although there is not a branding document that I can use, I was sure that it will suit the future branding document, that I will prepare in a few weeks, as much as I can.

Illustration set for use cases

After the illustration work ended, I also created a cute animation about how the product works in short for “How does it work?” section. It was my second meeting with After Effects in this project.

When all the creative work was done, I could finish the landing page and sub-pages. In the next process, there was the front-end development of the design. And yes, I also played role of the development phase. I mentioned that we were working with fairly short deadlines and I don't remember how I really write code and made this website live now. All I remember is plenty of coffee and Turkish arabesque music. It was tough. :P


After some tests and being sure development part is over, I went back to the branding process and created a detailed brand identity document for Intenseye.


Product Hunt

Yeah, short deadlines and a lot of workload, bla bla bla…but we were like, “Let's throw in a Product Hunt launch.” Even this was a very quick decision, it was a trial for the actual launch in a few weeks, and we could use a lot of material prepared for the Product Hunt while designing Demo Day presentation. At this stage we have prepared a video that introduces the product briefly. (see In particular, some of the work safety footages we collected for the Product Hunt video made our job very easy while preparing the Demo Day presentation.

Demo Day

Preparing for the Demo Day presentation was now our last task and we started working for the presentation. We were supposed to be ready in a few days, and we have nothing ready. What we needed to do was to review the popular past presentations and put the draft sent by the client into the design. However, when I was sending the first version, I already felt that there will lots of feedbacks. After 5-minute meetings every hour, brainstorming with the client, feedbacks from client’s presentation consultant, and sleepless nights, we finally got the perfect result.

Demo day presentation

Although it was a process with short deadline, time difference and instant revisions, both sides were very satisfied with the work that occurred. We finished our last task by sending the little things’ designs such as sticker, flyer, rollup that will be used on the Demo Day.

Co-Founder of Intenseye on Demo Day

Final Words

After the Demo Day was over, we sent everything to the client in a package. In general, I can say that everything happened and finished very quickly. It was a very challenging but enjoyable work. I have never worked with a team in the field of workplace safety. So I can say that I learned many new things in this field and gained experience.

Intenseye Final Illustration

I usually describe myself as a Swiss army knife, and would like to help my client in many different disciplines. This work was one of them. Because we told our client that we would support them on many issues, but the team consisted of only two people: Berk and me. I believe that we have done well with such a small team.

Apart from that, Sercan was also really tired with us in this process, but we worked together for 8 weeks, spent many sleepless nights and took care of it, it was worth it.

Thanks to: Berk Boz, Sercan Esen & Serhat Cillidag

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