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TOFAŞ Akademi prepares annual development plans for its employees during the Development Planning Period every year. They decided to use the Digital Development Assistant to automate this whole experience.This digital assistant receives the insights of the employees by asking the right questions and provides the most applicable development solution by interpreting among many algorithms.


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Dec 2018

When I examined the documents received by the customer, I was aware that I was actually facing a very compact project. All the user had to do was fill in the form and click on the send button. At the end of the process, he could reach the most appropriate development solution. We had a project that could be solved in a few pages.

However, the problem was that the form was too long—I mean really long. It could be solved by separating this form, which consists of multiple choice questions, into several categories and giving it with steps. But we were still unsure that there is no more user-friendly solution.

So after thinking a little more about how we can solve it, we came up with an excellent idea: Chatbots. Yeah, although it is a long form, an intimate chatbot would not only make it feel like the user is filling out the form, but also make the process much more enjoyable. After meeting with the client, we started working on a chatbot-based system.

Chat boxes layout

Instead of using classic message boxes, we have determined a style that will both make the user feel like he is talking with a bot and also suit the corporate structure.

Chat box templates

The long form we saw when the project first arrived had now turned into a much more enjoyable messaging. After I prepared all the elements, I this message flow into a general structure. While filling out the form/talking to the chatbot, the user was both informed about how long the conversation would take and could easily navigate through all the answers. It was neither too difficult to view the form in general, such as Typeform, nor was it complicated like an insurance forms. Even I can’t say that it works exactly like a chatbot, we agreed that the result is a much more efficient solution than giving just the form.

User interface

Overall I think it was a small but challenging project. Especially, I had never thought using chatbots, while working with long forms before. But I'd say it's a very efficient solution.

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