I have been drawing for a long time, but I have never created a specific style and produce continuously. In my spare time, I draw various illustrations that offer sections from daily life. I’m still trying to develop my style. This is a selection of some of the drawings I've done recently.

  • Sketch lover

    Persistently defending Sketch (in pain & tears) while everyone starts using Figma. — June, 2020

  • Camel box cigarettes & "i'd die for you my türkiye" lighter

    Camel box cigarettes & "i'd die for you my türkiye" lighter — May, 2020

  • "Sucuk Ekmek" Istanbul street foods

    "Kokoreç" Istanbuk street foods

    There are many different types of street flavors in Istanbul. I am working on a illustration set that I try to reflect all these flavors. — Last updated May, 2020

  • Couch potato

    Couch potato animation — April, 2020

  • All nighter full size

    All nighter details 1

    All nighter details 2

    All nighter details 3

    An illustration I made during this quarantine period, which reflects exactly me and my room. — April, 2020

© Ertekin Erdin

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